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We are creating an opportunity for you to spend some time away without going too far, to focus on your health, fitness & wellness.

Whether it be to disconnect or reconnect...

sometimes, we actually just need to



Situated in St-Denis-de-Brompton, we have chosen the perfect venue for this 2nd Edition of The Reset Retreat!


This experience is one of a kind with it's beautiful location and highly sought out fitness professionals.

Not only is this an all-inclusive weekend, but you get to be in an upscale cottage in the woods giving you the calm of nature.With access to a sauna and calming surroundings, you will reconnect with yourself and others.

We want to bring you a breath of fresh air with new inspiring healthy recipes, snacks and drinks, but also inspire you through challenging workouts and revitalizing yoga and meditation moments. You will also have access to massage therapy and more exclusive benefits for being with us on this RESET weekend.

We are looking forward to offering you the very best in fitness, health and wellness for this entire RESET RETREAT.

Take a peek at our 1st Edition of The Reset Retreat.


The Reset Retreat was everything my soul needed and more. In my everyday life, I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and overextended and the reset retreat gave me the chance to have a change of scenery, disconnect, go inside, focus on myself, do all the things that make me happy all while getting the chance to meet some really amazing and admirable people. The workouts kicked my ass. The facility was so beautiful. The food was BEYOND anything I could have ever imagined. Like I said all weekend long, there is not one restaurant where I could have eaten this well, fresh, all weekend long. Truly, it was a great weekend. I'm so happy I went and I will definitely be back again. 

- Lisa

Rejuvenating! I enjoyed it so much.

From the moment I walked in, I felt like everything was so well aligned, all the way from the little details in the welcome package to the dinner, the yoga, to the meditation and the workouts. I tried to pick a highlight from this retreat, but I feel that everything was a highlight.

I feel really amazing and rejuvenated to start a new week and keep this going until the next retreat. 

I had a wonderful time, no 

distractions. A weekend dedicated to

my wellbeing was a great reboot! This exceed all expectations. I am so grateful for this experience.

- Siti

A great and fun retreat, lots of great workouts! Amazing food! I learned a lot throughout the weekend. I came by myself as I had always wanted to try a fitness retreat and this was all worth it. But was it so worth it. The food was really good and delicious.

- Moe

My purpose was to explore a retreat, without expectations. I met such good people here. I felt that over the past couple months, I have felt a bit off sync. This was a great opportunity for me to refocus and learn. I can now integrate such great recipes that I experienced here. 

In my life, I have thought of such a place, but living it and experiencing this, in a gorgeous venue, with great challenging workouts, coaches like Heather and Vanessa and the incredible group of people here, was amazing. I needed that to help me push myself to feel different. It was much needed to feel this great refresh. 

- Vanessa

I had no idea what to expect coming here, I came with my sister for a sister bonding experience. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, and I had an amazing time. The workouts were tough, intense and numerous but wow, do I feel amazing after this. It's so hard to nail down a favorite part because it was such an inclusive package. I have to say that the food was absolutely incredible, I have never eaten this well all weekend long, so definitely a highlight. I would recommend this to everyone, and i would definitely return. Living a fast-pace lifestyle, this really gave me the opportunity to disconnect and reset but also gave me the tools to keep this going into my daily life.

I am looking forward to the recipe books 

- Lauren




4:30 pm    Guest Arrival

5:30 pm    Welcome & Orientation

6:30 pm    Workout #1 (30 min)

7:30 pm    Dinner

9 pm         End of Week Evening Slow Yoga

9:30 pm    Personal Time/ Camp Fire            


7 am         Early Bird Workout #2 OR Early Bird Yoga

8 am         Breakfast

9:30 am    Morning Walk/ Run

11 am       Snack

11:30 am  Workout #3

12:30 pm  Personal Time

1:30 pm    Lunch

2 pm         Water Activities OR Workout #4

4 pm         Afternoon Yoga & Stretching

5 pm         Personal Time

7pm          Dinner

8pm          Personal Time OR Fun Game Night  


7 am        Early Bird Run OR Early Bird Yoga

8 am        Breakfast

9 am        Last Workout #5

10 am      To-Go Snack

10:30am  Packing & Departures


For this Reset Retreat, two of the best fitness professionals & trainers in Montreal are coming together to bring you this unique exclusive experience with fitness, health & wellness.




Room & Board

The Entire Food Experience

(meals, snacks and drinks)

Unlimited Access to all workouts

Unlimited Access to all Yoga/ Meditation

Unlimited Access to the Spa

2 workshops

Special Guest Gift Bag


Room & Board

The Entire Food Experience

(meals, snacks and drinks)

Unlimited Access to all workouts

Unlimited Access to all Yoga/ Meditation

Unlimited Access to the Spa

2 workshops


In-Room Massage Therapy

(value of 140$)


Unlimited Access for 1 month to both

McCurdy Extreme & The Vluci Method

"On Demand" Online Platforms

(value of 250$)


Special Premium Guest Gift Bag

*Taxes & Processing fees not included.


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Vanessa Luciani is the owner and founder of The Vluci Method. She started her fitness & health company a little shy of 10yrs ago. Vanessa played NCAA basketball in Tennessee, and played professional for a few years. After going through her very own healthy lifestyle & weight loss journey, she was inspired to guide and empower people to accomplish their health goal and develop a balanced lifestyle. Through her lifelong background and experience as an athlete and former teacher, paired with multiple certifications including personal trainer, pre & postnatal training & coaching, holistic nutrition for weight loss, sports and exercise nutrition, an many more, she has become a recognized expert in the field of fitness & health. Having given dozens of healthy lifestyle conferences and being invited to multiple podcasts and interviews, she developed a method that truly helps people change their lives for the better. Not only has she helped hundreds of people accomplish and maintain their health & fitness goals through personal training, mindset & holistic nutrition coaching, but she has empowered them to keep living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy optimal health sustainably.

For this Reset weekend, Coach V will be taking care of you through the preparation of all of your healthy meals, snacks and beverages, resetting your outlook on healthy food and leaving you with great recipes to bring home afterwards. She will also guide you through the daily walks, yoga and meditation moments.

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Heather grew up always moving. Movement was her happy  place. She was a competitive figure skater most of her life playing every school team sport in the process. She got recruited for Track and Field after qualifying for Nationals in high school where she transferred from figure skating to track competitively. This Small town Country girl moved to Montreal in 2005 where she attended McGill University and ran varsity track. Heather graduated with a degree in Physical and Health Education. Heather immediately dove into Personal Training  after university. She always knew it was her calling as she grew up in a gym her entire life working with the best trainers who helped her work on her craft as an elite athlete. Heather has been a certified personal trainer for 12 years.  She has been blessed to train professional athletes in the CFL, NFL and Women’s National Soccer League as well as other sports. She specializes in strength and conditioning programming, pre and post natal training  as well as group HIIT workouts. She knows how to push your limits and challenge your potential with her fun non stop energy all while leaving no muscle untouched. 

For this Reset weekend, Coach Heather will be challenging you through our daily workouts and runs. She will make you sweat and push your limits to discover just how strong and resilient you are, getting you out of your comfort zone just enough for you to want to come back for more!

Copy of Orange Gym Fitness Instagram Story (Facebook Cover) (Instagram Story) (3).png
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