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Day 0: Moving Forward

Welcome to your intro & orientation

You can watch this video or read! 

Intro & Orientation + Starter Recipe

I am so happy you are here to embark on this strong and revitalizing journey!

By the end of these 30 days, you should feel amazing, stronger and more empowered than ever. 

The Vluci Method- LEVEL UP30 is seasoned with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, strength and metabolic training methods mixed with boosting nutrition and self-love.. all of time make for a perfect recipe.

Before you begin, I want you to get the best possible results from your efforts and the following info will set you up for success! So read on!


MINDSET: This program's main goal is to empower you to get fit in less time, but it is also there to help you understand how much your mindset and self-love has an enormous impact and so much power on how you welcome change and transform things in your life. 


Today, Day 1, has a special title for that purpose: Moving Forward.


Today is meant to help you look ahead and set goals for your next 30 days. This is you small, but essential homework to check-in and establish what you want to get out of this program.


I want this program to be more than something you just do for 30 days, I want this to bring a new perspective, new mindset, new habits, and a new founded love for yourself.


That new love will then guide you to make those changes you are looking for.


So...let's move forward, together.


SELF-LOVE HOMEWORK 1 : click here

In this homework, you will find a commitment page to yourself, a goal setting page and a data collecting page.


In order to develop a strong relationship with yourself, sticking to a commitment is one of the ways to get there. I truly believe that printing and writing your name and signing has a powerful ritual attached to it. Don't underestimate it.


In order to move forward, we need to establish a goal to look forward to. The goal setting page will help you establish a mindset (self-love) goal, a nutrition (food and food habits) and a fitness goal. Be sure to go beyond numbers as those will only be used as data collecting to measure physical progress. There are sooooo many other ways to establish progress when having health goals. 

I already have the plan in place for you with this 30 day program, but I need you to establish what you want out of these 30 days for yourself.


Lastly, you will have fitness goals to enter. It can correspond to many aspects like strength, a specific movement you want to improve, an exercise you want to accomplish, etc. This is not the place for numbers either.

I know.....uncomfortable right?? YESSSS! That is what I want.


Now stop it with the scale and let's focus on the actions!

For Data Collecting:

How to take measurements & pictures


ABOUT THE WORKOUTS: This program is meant to help and empower you to get fit in less time, in different ways and establishing a rhythm in your week, to show you how possible it is to stay active regularly. It is more mindful, safe and sustainable compared to many of the fitness programs out there.

I am a lifelong athlete, who has her very own weight loss and healthy lifestyle transformation story. Sounds contradicting doesn't it? Well, it's not...and it's called life. 

I have created this 30 day program for that exact No one has time to workout hours on end or every single day of the week to achieve their health goals.

I have put together what I have gathered, learned and used over the years, bringing my knowledge, experience and my hundreds of clients transformations to build this course that targets your fitness in the following ways;

HIIT STYLE: HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training movements activate fast-twitch muscle fibers for whole-body definition, tone and super-strength. They optimize cardio, or the ability to intake and process oxygen.

Just 4 min of HIIT is show to spark the Afterburn Effect which can burn calories, fat and raise your metabolism for up to 24-48hrs after the intitial workout.

The HIIT moves you'll be doing in this program will vary and will bring up the heat to make you finish strong and push yourself!

TABATA STYLE: Named after the Japanese physician and researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata, Tabata timing is 20 sec. of activity and 10 sec. rest for 8 rounds, or 4 minutes total. When you are in the activity part, you want to go all out with the effort and intensity -- as quickly and strongly as you can in good form and technique.

This will give you the benefits of working out for 2-4hrs in just 2-3 rounds of 4 min. Pretty amazing! Over a decade of research says that it's not how long you exercise but how intensely, that makes the real difference in your fitness.


When doing a 4 min intense blitz, you want to work so hard, in good form, that your muscles are pretty fatigued by the end. During that moment, you should not be able to hold a conversation.

2/1 RATIO: For this program, we follow the 2/1 ratio. This will mean that you workout 2 days and take the following day off. You will technically be working out 5 days out of 7, making 2 days off. You will be doing a mix of HIIT/ TABATA & STRENGTH workouts for 2 days. Follow the videos and do as much as you can. All of the workouts are under 30min so that you can do them easily and get on with your day!

After every round of 2 days, you will simply follow the exercise videos along, doing DAY 1, then DAY 2, take a rest day, then follow with DAY3, and DAY4, then day off...and so on.

After every round of 3 days, which will target different muscles, you will have worked your whole body. Do not do more than one video a day, the HIIT moves will cause your body to spark the Afterburn Effect, where your metabolism will rise up 15% more and you'll burn more calories, fat and build lean muscles for up to 24-48h after the initial workout. No other exercise does this as effectively.

REPETITION & FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: You body makes fitness gains in two ways, repeating movements, and also shaking things up and doing different moves. In this program, you'll do both. Sometimes, you'll notice some warm-ups, cool down and certain HIIT moves repeat.

This is so your create repetitive strength and also so you can track your progress as you return to those movements. Are you stronger? More confident in the movement so that you have increased speed/intensity, or have better form because of better mobility in the movement?

Your stretching and mobility sequence will be the same sequence so that you can track your flexibility and mobility, and I strongly encourage you to do it every REST DAY.

Then you will see that you will be doing different types oF functional movements that will appear throughout the program, in a variety of combos of HIIT moves to provide a certain outcome depending on the day.

Simply to the daily workout video, and know that you are doing the best, well thought-out and effective combos of functional training that will give you the outcomes you desire.

PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGE: Your workouts will get progressively harder and slightly longer as you go through the program to increase strength and stamina. 

CORE STRENGTH: I firmly believe that core strength should be at the forefront of all workout programs. You core is like the trunk of a tree, supporting everything, including your back, legs, arms and head! Once that is strong, you will find improvement on many other levels. These will not necessarily be the most typical abs exercices you may know, but actual core engaging ones, moving in a more controlled but oh so challenging ways to increase your core strength.

REST DAYS: Every 3rd day is a rest day.
This is important, no other vigorous activity. You can go for a leisure walk, and I encourage it, or take advantage of that rest day for a great soothing yoga inspired stretching routine in the program, but it should be restorative and calm. Your body needs to repair for these 24hrs to get the best results on this program. 


STRETCHING & MOBILITY: These sequences are essential to help you throughout this program. Not only will this help you not be as sore, but this will prevent you from injury and help you work on your flexibility and mobility. Do not skip these videos, they are essential to a balanced healthy lifestyle and fitness lifestyle and should never be put aside.


In this program, I dedicate your days off for a more profound and longer stretching & mobility session, but you will see that there will be some at the end of every workout for the muscles worked specifically on that day. The stretching/mobility routine is Yoga-inspired. 

You will also find a *bonus video with some great foam roller movements to release any tension that might be building up, you can also use that as a way to warm-up your muscles for your workout.


EQUIPMENT: You do not need much equipment to start this program, but will need a little more weight as we progress into the 30 days. With that being said there are plenty of ways for you to increase load without having big gym equipment and I will be giving you options of things to grad in your home to assure that you do progress in the next 30 days.

I will however recommend that you have these:

Resistance equipment:

  • Dumbbells: 3, 5, 7.5 or 8, 10, 12, 15lbs

  • House weights: water bottles, jugs of water, canned goods, backpack (that you will fill along the way with more items to increase weight), duffle bag (same principle as the back pack) or other items that are safe to hold without risk of injury.

  • Booty Band (not plastic or rubber, but more of a material that will not roll or slip)

Other equipment:

  • A bench or reliable chair/couch

  • A sweat towel (sometimes two)

  • Wall

  • foam roller ( + hand roller or rolling pin, optional)

To buy booty bands, click here.

To buy resistance bands, click here.

RECIPES: Throughout this program, I will equip you with many nutritious, simple and delicious recipes that you can welcome to your daily life.


This program's goal is to spark a healthy weight loss and turboboost your metabolism, and food has a very important role, actually the most important, to play when it comes to both.

You have to deal with food most of the day, therefore it represents 80% of the work when it comes to changing lifestyle and developing healthier behaviours and habits.

The other 20% represents what you do with that food! You diet(not in terms of some sort of diet you follow, but in the way you eat), your relationship with food and with yourself are the hardest to change, but most crucial part of this journey.

It is not an easy fix, and this program is not about coaching you to understand how to achieve that, it is to give you tools and keep you accountable for 30 days, to start implementing and kickstart your weight loss journey.

For a more in-depth and tailored approach at your healthy lifestyle journey & weight loss, book a free consultation to find out about my coaching packages.


Now, to get this started strong, here is your first recipe! You can start integrating this delicious and nutrition and oh so simple recipe a couple times a week!

We start with a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast option.

Grab your recipe here.


Bon appetit!!

Alright, DAY 1 is almost over!


Grab the calendar that you will commit to for 30 days!



* Note that you cannot switch from 3 to 2 days or vice versa in the middle of the month, as it will throw off the schedule and the workout videos. However, you have unlimited access to this program, so you are more than welcome to start another 30 days with a different formula!


Now, you are all set up and ready to go!


Stay safe, do your best, and push yourself a little more than you're used to. Change happens outside your comfort zone.


This is where true transformation occurs.


See you tomorrow for your workout, let's get stronger, it's time to level up your life!

Click here for the next day!










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