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The Wellness Program for Newborn Moms



to support a healthy and happy postpartum journey,

for mommy and baby to live a POSITIVE experience after birth.


Do you want to learn the BEST methods that will allow you to enjoy a POSITIVE post-birth experience with your baby?

Live a healthy and happy postpartum journey with THE online live coaching program, that will teach you the steps towards optimal healing and recovery after birth. Learn how to heal early on, how to nourish your body, manage the postpartum hormonal changes, and regain your strength and vitality safely. This program guides you towards a mentally and physically, happy & strong mama life.

"We all prepare for baby's birth, but not for the

postpartum journey."


The postpartum period is filled with so many major changes and new experiences!

Whether it is your first baby, or if you already are a mama,

it doesn't make it less special.

There is nothing more transcending than giving birth and meeting the love of your life!

But this period is also full of unknowns. The major life changes that will transpire as you come home with baby, bring on so

many questions and worries.


When I was approaching the birth of my baby girl, I was so excited to see the nursery come along, and enjoyed an amazing baby shower as we were literally showered with so much love and presents for baby girl.


But as we were coming home from the hospital in our matching outfits with our newborn baby (you know, the important things),

I quickly realized I had neglected to prepare a very important part of my motherhood journey; my postpartum.

As a pre and postnatal specialist, I was very preoccupied by my recovery and I wanted to feel great to care for baby as my best self.

I wanted a happy and healthy baby, therefore, taking the right steps towards my healing and recovery, as much mentally as physically, was very important.

But, after my 6 weeks appointment (6 weeks too late, let's say it), I realized how much postpartum mamas really had no support. It seemed to be mostly focused on baby, and just pretty much hoping for the best for mom.

There were no rehab exercises or referral to specialists to ensure that I was recovering well with my pelvic floor, and if I was nourishing my body optimally for breastfeeding (or not) to recover and heal well.

There was a minimal check-in on my mental health, which let's face it, really did not teach me to recognize the very many signs of postpartum anxiety and depression.

So, I took it upon myself to dig deeper into it and learn as much as I could from many different experts and methods, beyond what I already knew as a pre & postnatal specialist. I wanted to focus on the postpartum mama and her journey, applying it to my own life at the same time and truly understanding what a newborn mama wants and needs.

It is this gained expertise and knowledge, added to my already existant professional background as a fitness & health professional, naturotherapist, certified fitness trainer, and nutrition & health coach, that I wish to share with YOU!

I want you to have access to reliable information and tailored advice for your 4th trimester and beyond, but especially, for you to know how to prepare for this phase of your mama life.

With -STRG Mama-, you benefit from expert certified advice with the very BEST methods to live a POSITIVE and healthy postpartum journey.


The Postpartum Journey: a beautiful paradoxical passage to matrescence.

The postpartum journey is filled with a wide range of emotions, not only for you mama,

but for your partner as well.

This transformation comes with it's load of challenges.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Physical Recovery & Limitations:

The body undergoes significant changes during childbirth, and physical recovery can be challenging. Healing from birth may include tears or episiotomies, dealing with postpartum bleeding, and recovering from cesarean sections, just to name a few.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal fluctuations after childbirth can lead to mood swings, baby blues, or postpartum depression/anxiety.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Lack of sleep:

Newborns require around-the-clock care, leading to sleep deprivation for parents, which can impact physical and emotional well-being.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Breastfeeding Hurdles: Breastfeeding can come with its own set of challenges, such as difficulty latching, nipple pain, engorgement, and mastitis.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Emotional Adjustment: Adjusting to the demands of motherhood and the changes in identity and lifestyle can be emotionally challenging.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Lack of Support:

Lack of support from partners, family, or friends can exacerbate postpartum challenges and feelings of isolation.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

New Mama Life Adjustments:

Finding time for self-care amidst caring for a newborn can be difficult but is crucial for maternal well-being. 

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Shifts in the couple's relationship:

The dynamic between partners may shift after the arrival of a baby, leading to stress and strain on the relationship.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Baby's well-being worries:

Caring for a newborn comes with it's own set of worries and concerns. Constantly making sure that baby is happy and healthy is demanding and increases the mental load of mama and her partner.

strongmamalogolightpink (5)_edited.png

Physical Changes:

Many new mamas are just starting to get to know their postpartum body, as they navigate changes in their physical appearance. Adjusting to postpartum changes in physical appearance can be challenging, requiring self-compassion and acceptance as the body undergoes its own journey of transformation.

There are so many more apprehensions as a new mom.

However, when you are well surrounded and guided through this time of change, equipped with the right tools, you can feel confidently and peacefully move through your postpartum journey. (6).png (7).png (9).png (8).png

- STRG Mama -

is THE program to navigate the ups and downs of your postpartum journey. Built around the 3 essential pillars, including multiple sub-pillars, to support you in living your postpartum journey optimally and positively. (13).png




Plan your postpartum phase starting with how to split the roles with your partner, preparing your homecoming, organizing the following weeeks after birth, and much more. What to do for a powerful healing, and to care for youself as much as you care for your mini. This pillar also includes tips and tricks on how to reduce the symptoms of your hormonal drop (the hormonal variations that happen at around 3 months pp), lower the chances of postpartum anxiety and depression, and so much more. (17).png



You will know exactly how to slowly get back into moving safely and confidently post- birth.

Moving progressively and prioritizing the most essential part of your healing, recovery and rehabilitation.

in following our 8 stages of your postpartum body's revitalizing process, you will learn how important it is to take your time in your postpartum journey and fully giv e your body the patience, love and grace it needs.

A variety of stretching and yoga routines, along with progressive ab & pelvic floor rehab, followed by functional mama training for everything stage of your strengthening goals. Feeling great and powerful mentally will remain one of our main goals for the start of your postpartum experience. (14).png



Find out how much food will impact your optimal recovery and healing from birth. Feeding yourself for a production of breastmilk of quality and in great quantity as well for the mamas that want to live the breasfeeding journey.

Which foods, how and when, will be a big part of your postpartum journey for a happy and healthy experience with baby.

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