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The support of a community

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Postpartum wellness.

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Prepare your Mama life


As a passionate pre & postnatal fitness trainer, health/ nutrition coach & naturotherapist, I am committed to guiding and empowering you on your Mama journey. My approach is based on a deep understanding of the physical and emotional changes you go through during this period.

Being specialized in prenatal and postpartum health, fitness, and nutrition lifestyle, I am equipped not only to design tailored exercise programs, focusing on pelvic floor rehabilitation, core strengthening, and gradual restoration of physical strength, but also to support you in maintaining a healthy nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum. My goal is to provide holistic support, not only to help you regain your vitality but also to promote your mental and emotional well-being.

As a coach and mama, I believe in creating an inclusive and encouraging environment. Your program is personalized, taking into account your individual needs, medical history, and specific goals as a new mom. My approach goes beyond simple physical fitness; it aims to build confidence, promote self-esteem, and support the overall prenatal preparations and postnatal recovery process.

Through our sessions, I strive to educate and empower mamas, helping them understand their bodies and make informed decisions about their health for themselves and baby. I am here to celebrate every small victory with you, encourage perseverance, and create a space where you feel supported at every step of your matrescence journey.

fit mom and baby

Our Coach V is coming back from her maternity leave, stronger than ever, with a
NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE program for the postpartum journey.

Starting in May

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A Transformative Prenatal & Postpartum Journey


Join the PP Mamas Club and embark on a rewarding journey. Discover a community that embraces every stage of motherhood with expert advice and unwavering support. Not only is there amazing coaching for exercise and nutrition during pregnancy and the postpartum journey, but there is a personalized approach like no other. It's more than a club; it's a revolution in pre and postnatal community. 

Connect, Share, Thrive.


Don't walk alone on the path of motherhood. The PP Mamas Club is your safe space to share your experiences and find answers to your most pressing questions. With weekly meetings and an active presence on IG, you're always surrounded by women who understand and support your journey.

An Inexhaustible Source of Knowledge

No matter your child's age, the PP Mamas Club welcomes you with open arms. Our IG page is a wellspring of knowledge, filled with facts, practical tips, and essential information to navigate pre & postnatal life with confidence. Our private programs also guide you with a tailored approach to your needs.

Upcoming Events/ Événements à venir

  • Deux-Montagnes Marche PPMC Walk
    Deux-Montagnes Marche PPMC Walk
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Apr 16
    Apr 16, 2024, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
    Deux-Montagnes, 577 20e Av, Deux-Montagnes, QC J7R 6B2, Canada
    Apr 16, 2024, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
    Deux-Montagnes, 577 20e Av, Deux-Montagnes, QC J7R 6B2, Canada
    Our weekly Postpartum Mamas Club walk! Notre marche hebdomadaire du Club des Mamans Postpartum!
  • Activité intérieure des Mamas PP/ Indoor PP Mamas Activity
    Activité intérieure des Mamas PP/ Indoor PP Mamas Activity
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, Apr 26
    Apr 26, 2024, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
    Sainte-Thérèse, 19 Rue Blainville O Local 203, Sainte-Thérèse, QC J7E 1X1, Canada
    Apr 26, 2024, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
    Sainte-Thérèse, 19 Rue Blainville O Local 203, Sainte-Thérèse, QC J7E 1X1, Canada
    Our weekly Postpartum Mamas Club Activity! Notre activité hebdomadaire du Club des Mamans Postpartum!


Our Services

The Postpartum Mamas Club offers a variety of services to navigate your postpartum journey.


Postpartum Program

Get on the VIP list HERE to get all the info.

Walking/ Activity Club

We host two walks a week on the North Shore of Montreal. During the winter, we replace on walk by an indoor activity. This walking club is free and welcomes mamas-to-be, new mamas, and new mamas with baby. We have built a small very supportive and inclusive community to share in a safe space.

Join our next Mama activity here.

Fitness for PP Mamas

We offer private pre & postnatal fitness & health coaching.

Ab rehab and mom/ baby private and semi-private functional fitness training, as well as group classes for postpartum moms.

For more info on private coaching and training, click here to book your discovery call.

Find out more about the PP Mama Fitness Rehab group classes here.

Nutrition/ Lifestyle Coaching

As a new Mama or Mama-to-be, it can be hard to understand how to best fuel your body according to what your daily life looks like, what trimester you are in, and once in your postpartum journey, if you are breastfeeding or not. You may not know what is best for each of these incredible phases.

Click here to book your discovery call and find out more.

The Postpartum Mamas Club is a proud sales & drop off point for

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Homemade purees for baby's belly.

When feeding baby healthy foods, becomes kid's play.

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